Interview with Bassam Yousef Al Khatib
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About Bassam Yousef Al Khatib: Bassam Yousef Al Khatib Expert in Achieving the highesttargets & Goals for personal, Institutes & organizations. Super at Innovation 360 Leadership. Bassam Al Khatib is a an entrepreneur , Professional Expert in Consulting, International Education, Training, Coach and NLP specialist in Leadership, Innovation & Creativity, Management & Marketing, Supply Chain […]

The Woodbury Autism Education and Research School is providing information sessions for Parents and caregivers with children who are diagnosed with Autism and interested in attending their school.

St Joseph’s Primary School Schofields are holding their annual open day!

Women’s Community Shelters are combating women’s homelessness from the ground up with the launch of Walk the Talk education initiative in fifteen Sydney schools.

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