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Like many other community radio stations, Alive 90.5 FM relies on the support of businesses to continue broadcasting to our local community. This support has been in the past referred to as sponsorship, however we would like to see it as a collaborative relationship which is more like a partnership.

In a partnership, our goal is to work together to look for ways to:

  • Find the PERFECT MATCH – Ensure our partnership represents the culture that both your business and Alive 90.5 FM would like to promote, having the correct synergy.
  • Create an ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE – Make sure that we are BOTH happy and comfortable and having the right experience.
  • Facilitate CLARITY – Make sure we are both clear about what is being receive/given for the investment being made.
  • Add SIGNIFICANCE – Identify how both your brand alongside ours adds something meaningful to the relationship and how that can also be leveraged on both sides.
  • Activate ENGAGEMENT – Activating both our broader community and all stakeholders where possible.

In our partnerships, we want to work towards being a united team when it comes to making a difference in both our communities and increase our ability to create the kind of impact our communities need.

We are committed to the fact that a partnership is a ‘two-way relationship’ and that we both have a role to play and a job to do to make it work.

Our partnership opportunities have been created to allow any size of business to be able to participate and have access to promoting their businesses on the radio.

Options start from $600 for 3 months, including not just radio ads, but social media as well as a multitude of other marketing tactics available to us. We are more than happy to discuss if these are a good fit for your business and where the best place to start may be.

You can download the Partnerships Media Kit 2023 and/or contact us directly to have a chat.

We look forward to working with you and introducing your organisation to our community.

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Our Recent Sponsorship Appreciation Night Presentation pack is attached Sponsorship Appreciation Night – June 23

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