Our History

Here is a brief chronology of Alive 90.5, formerly known as 2CCR. You can also read A History of 2CCR – by Mark Drumgold where Mark tells of his recollections of the early years of 2CCR.

Date Event
Circa 1980 Cumberland Community Radio is formed from the amalgamation of two groups attempting to set up community radio stations: one in Parramatta/Holroyd and the other in the Hills.
1988 Baulkham Hills Council (now The Hills) allocates Building 9 in  Balcombe Heights Estate to Cumberland Community Radio.
1987-1989 First test broadcasts go to air
1992 Brian Lankow appointed Chairman.
October 1992 The Department of Transport and Communication issues broadcasting license to Cumberland Community Radio. 
12 December 1992 Cumberland Community Radio begins transmission on FM 90.5.
1993 Gary Ridge appointed chairman.
1994 Ivor Jones appointed chairman.
26 January 1995 2CCR awarded an Australia Day Award for Outstanding Community Service.
1995 Graham Johnson appointed  chairman.
20 July 1996 Studio 2 opened by the Hon. Alan Cadman, MP, Chief Government Whip.
2006 David Bunt appointed chairman.
2008 Chris Cunliffe-Jones appointed chairman.
August 2008 Studio 1 is refurbished so it can be used for both recording and broadcasting.
2009 Chris Cunliffe-Jones reappointed as chairman, then resigned. Laurie Flood appointed as new chairman.
2010 Tony Jenkins appointed chairman.
August 24, 2011 Tony Jenkins re-appointed chairman.
November 4, 2011 Cumberland Community Radio has a new name, Alive 90.5, and a new logo.
November 30, 2011 Studio 2 is refurbished. It is still primarily used for broadcasting but can also be used for recording now.
August 19, 2012 Doug Solomons retires after 19 years behind the microphone.
August 29, 2012 Tony Jenkins re-appointed chairman.
September 5, 2012 New Helios FM Transmitter and new ZCG Scalar mixed polarisation 2-bay antenna fitted. This allow us to run at a full 200W to the north and 60W to the south, as permitted by ACMA.
August 28, 2013 Following the retirement of Tony Jenkins, Peter King was elected Chairman unopposed.
October 1, 2014 Lloyd Smale elected Chairman.
November, 2014 Studio 1 modernised with new furniture and Axia console, microphones etc …
October  2015  Rajiv Chaudhri was elected Chairman.
Mar 2016 New 400W Transmitter Installed
January  2017 Planet Country radio show (Thursdays 6pm) wins an Australian Country Music Peoples Choice Award for Most Popular Radio Station or Program
October  2017 Gillian Schrickker was elected as Chairwoman
December  2017 Cumberland Community Radio celebrates 25 years of full time community broadcasting
August  2018 Gillian Schrickker re-elected as Chairwoman
July  2018 First Digital Content Committee formed, chaired by Matthew Brokenbrough.
November  2018 Alive 90.5 Sports team wins the ‘Troy Garner Excellence in Sports Programming’ award at the 2018 CBAA Awards
January  2019 Digital Content Committee Launches Current Station Website
August  2019 Gillian Schrickker re-elected as Chairwoman
October  2019 Mediterranean Mix Show and Mathew Brokenbrough finalists in Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) Awards for 2019
October  2019 First online dance video series – The Vividha Dance Series (subsequently finalist in 2020 CBAA Awards)
January  2020 Upgrade of studio equipment, microphone arms in all studios.
March  2020 COVID-19 necessitates many changes with reduced persons in studios with many presenters choosing to broadcast remotely using new technologies rapidly implemented.
October  2020 Alive 90.5 FM finalists in 5 categories for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) Awards 2020
March 2021 Gillian Schrickker resigns as Chair. Jerome Vagg appointed Chair and Darryn Capes-Davis Deputy Chair by Board.

Studio Changes

Our Studios

Over the years our studios have seen some renovations.

Originally the station started with just one studio, known today as ‘Studio 1’. Today we have two studios and hope to add a third down the track.

Our studios have seen new equipment, new desks, layout changes and more!

The most recent change was brand new desks in Studio 1 along with a brand new Axia IQ mixing panel to match Studio 2.

Location History

Our office and studios are located in the historic Balcombe Heights Estate on Seven Hills Road, opposite Jasper Road Public School. (See map.)

The history of the estate can be traced back to 1746 when George Best* was born in Kent, England. He became a farmer but in 1790 was convicted of stealing goods and was deported to Australia.

On arrival in 1791, he was sent to a prison farm in Toongabbie. There, probably because of his earlier experience in Kent, he became an overseer and seedsman.

During this time many convicts were being given land grants, and in 1796, Best was given 30 acres about five miles north of Parramatta. Just a few months later he was granted an absolute pardon, and subsequently grew his holdings to 185 acres.

In 1810, Govenor Lachlan Macquarie visited the Baulkham Hills and Toongabbie districts and noted that many of the farms were in poor order, but was “highly gratified” that “Best and Pye, [were] two very industrious respectable settlers, who have their farms well cultivated and in most excellent order, with good offices, and comfortable decent dwelling houses.”

By the time of his death in 1836 Best owned more than 3,000 acres in Baulkham Hills and in the Southern Tablelands. At some point, his land in Baulkham Hills was acquired by the Masonic Lodge.

The story moves on to the First World War, that had left many orphaned children. A man called William Thompson saw the estate as an ideal location for an orphanage and school, and so a building program, funded by the Masons, began in 1918.

On the fourth anniversary of Armistice Day, the William Thompson Masonic School was opened.

With the onset of World War II, the children in the school were moved out to accommodation in the country-side and the buildings were converted into a hospital for soldiers.

The children returned in 1947 and the school continued there into the 1970s with up to 360 students, many of them living in the dormitories.

Council bought the land in 1977 and the buildings are now allocated to groups involved in community service.

Building 9, formerly Girls Cottage EH (“Famous”), is now occupied by our radio station. Behind the building is a wonderful memorial avenue of Brush Box trees planted in memory of soldiers lost in the First World War.

* Probably unrelated to the Irish football player.

Building 9 is home to Alive 90.5 FM

Current track