Guiness World Record – Alive 90.5FM

Written by on 4 May 2023

“Believe the Impossible is Possible”

Mario Bekes broke the Guinness World Record for The Longest Audio Only Live – Streams.

The previous record was 53 hours and 1 minute and from the 29 April to 1 May 2023 the new record was instated – 55 hours and 25 minutes!

This record was only achieved with the assistance and help from a select few who were with me all the way, day and night in the studio, working meticulously to reach this goal.

A big thanks to Guinness World Records and Alive 90.5 FM ( Board and Presenters ) for all your support, time and friendship.

As well, a big thanks to YouTube for the seamless transmission over 60 hours on this amazing channel!

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