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TGIF focuses on gospel jazz, RnB gospel, gospel rap, urban and contemporary gospel music.

For more than 20 years Alive 90.5 listeners have been switching on every Friday night to the mellifluous tones of Tracy Steyn. TGIF focuses on gospel jazz, RnB gospel, gospel rap, urban and contemporary gospel music. Tracy started listening to 90.5 two years prior to hosting the programme because of its sound of style influence and smooth jazz dominance. The charismatic South African said word about the station quickly spread in her community and even overseas visitors would ask what CD she was listening to as the music was simply brilliant. A proud Christian, she loves the music she plays. She is inspired by black gospel music because the majority of artists sing of their experiences. “Music is a universal language that transcends so many cultures and beliefs,”Tracy says. Tracy believes she was ordained to be on radio by the amazing responses to the programme she has received over the years. An inmate at Long Bay Jail once wrote her a long letter thanking her for the lovely music and inspirational messages. She also used to receive regular calls from Parklea Jail prisoners. The calls thanking her for her inspirational messages have been countless. She even had a call from a person thinking of committing suicide. After listening to Tracy, the person thought about life and the will to keep living. “I remember there was a time I went to the station with the intention of resigning because I was going through a traumatic time in my life,” she says. A listener rang and commented that she was such an inspiration to people and that she should never think of leaving. “I nearly fell off the chair because I had not mentioned my intentions to anyone. Talk about divine intervention, she says. Tracy also has regular listeners Australia wide and worldwide including South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, United Kingdom, to name a few countries. “My passion is to witness to people about the gracious never ending love of God through music.”

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