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Frank’s music knowledge comes from growing up alongside a variety of influences including Opera, Hillbilly, Gospel and Early Rock N Roll in the 50’s, A strong interest in most forms of '60s Music with attendances at Live Music Concerts from Age 13, A continued deep passion through the 70s with a back to Blues and Roots following through the '80s, '90s and 2000's leading to his own Radio Show “ Blues Circus” commencing at the Alive 90.5 S Studios in May 2007.

I'm Harry Green - Otherwise known as the Rat of The Radio! During early high school, media peaked my intrigue as I elected two media-oriented subjects. From there, I ventured into the world of Community Radio. Beginning involvement at SWR 99.9 FM in 2019, and Alive 90.5 FM in 2022 to expand skills in community engagement, as well as presentation, preparation & announcing. You can now hear me hosting the Wednesday Breakfast Show on Alive 90.5 FM from 6 am till 9 am Each Wednesday morning! I'm passionate about connectivity with people, through community radio, I aim to entertain, inform, & interact with local audiences and people. Volunteering in this highly impactful form of local media also continues to provide me with foundational skills & experience for a further career in Media or Entertainment.

Roger, a member of the Program Committee and Education Team, brings a wealth of “life experiences” attained over his illustrious career spanning many decades! Roger has experienced and collected an array of music that has been selected from a variety of sources both in Australia and other parts of the World.  

Do you love the 70s,80s and 90s? Are you sick of the same old playlists on classic radio? Catch Stipe's Hidden Gems for the latest batch of underappreciated, forgotten and overshadowed tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Stipe has been in the radio game for over 7 years now and loves to entertain listeners and broaden their minds musically. He discovered 80's music at age 17 and hasn't looked back even growing a mullet at one stage to prove he wasn't joking. Before radio he even moonlighted as a roadie so he could work on his dream 80s acts such as icehouse and mi-sex.

To know the Show you got to know the person … So who is BRAD Stevens : well, to start off – he believes he is the selfie KING, while talking to him you may also think he is the Sri Lankan ambassador/ high commissioners –for the record he is NOT,  Loves the outdoors and a firm believer of making the best of what you got & living life to the fullest  - he is a dad & loves his wife ( we had to add that last part as per the strict instructions he has received) Anyway what will Brad Stevens bring to Alive 90.5 - A Radio show with a real difference that covers everything you want! From all your local community headlines to events you don’t want to miss out on, local & global if it matters – Brad will keep you informed. The show would also give you a favour of Sri Lanka (that’s Brad’s background) – So, its like your one stop shop for the best radio experience - info-tainment with the best tunes ! Remember to tune into The Brad Stevens Show Every Sunday Evenings 5-7pm  right here on Alive 90.5 & share this info with all your friends

In previous lives, Steve worked as a Technical Officer for CSIRO (based at Prospect) and a TAFE Teacher (based at The Hills College). He has been a presenter on Alive 90.5 FM for more than 5 years, and a guest on several shows before that. Steve's musical tastes range from Rock to Classical (and several stops in between), and he also specialises in high quality Dad jokes.   Two of Steve’s earliest live concert memories are The Hollies (at The Hordern Pavillion) and the Rolling Stones (at Randwick Racecourse)

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