My Local Sports Bag – Winston Hills Bears Soccer Club

Sunday Sports Roundup
Sunday Sports Roundup
My Local Sports Bag - Winston Hills Bears Soccer Club
Winston Hills is one of the largest soccer clubs in the Hills Association. They are one of the leaders in general equality, particularly women’s football, where they are launching their third women’s over 35s team. The team, and President Rod Carra are not focused on winning but introducing women to different cultures in their communities. This was the most generous club so far – listen to the amount of goods they provided.
1.00 min mark – Club background
2.20 min mark – Rod’s involvement in the club and programs
5:30 min mark – Rod explaining how he deals with two councils
7.15 min mark – thinks he has the best bbq in the hills association (funny)
8.40 min mark – Hayden Foxe is biggest name plus other notable clubmen
10.30 min mark – strong female football club; call out for more; 3rd over 35s social team
12.00 min mark – how can people get involved
13.00 min mark – listen to how much the club has donated
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