Vivienne Fam

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Vivienne Fam is passionate about empowering women to live their best lives. As a wife and
mother of two beautiful children, she understands the importance of balancing family and
personal pursuits.

Vivienne is also a life coach, speaker, and YouTuber, with a focus on unleashing the inner
lioness in every woman. Her mission is to help women live authentically, with confidence and
purpose. With experience in personal development and self-discovery, Vivienne has helped her
clients overcome their fears and insecurities to live the life they truly desire.

Originally from Malaysia, Vivienne migrated to Australia 19 years ago and has been residing in
Sydney ever since. She is excited to share her cultural heritage with listeners, as her mother
tongue is Mandarin, and she also speaks Malay and Cantonese fluently.

Vivienne is thrilled to be running this Mandarin radio show for the community. As someone who
is deeply connected to her cultural roots, she is excited to share her language skills and insights
with listeners. Vivienne is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the community in this way and is
committed to providing a platform that informs, inspires, and entertains.

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