Introducing Our ‘Second Stream’

Written by on 25 December 2018

Alive 90.5 is excited to announce a new feature to our station.

In addition to live streaming the 90.5 FM broadcast online, we are launching an additional stream.

Nicknamed “Second Stream”, this additional stream will provide an alternative way in which we can publish content. This stream will be used for live sport and outside broadcast events that wouldn’t normally air on 90.5 FM.

The stream won’t be online 24/7, instead it is reserved for such events where we don’t want to replace scheduled programs on our FM broadcast. Second Stream will also be used to provide a back up feed from the event location to the radio studios should our tie-line connection drop out.

To listen to special events on Second Stream, hit the ‘Stream Now’ button on the right side of the main menu and select “Second Stream” from the list of streams at the bottom. If you’re using a smartphone, the stream now button is at the bottom of your screen with the triangle ‘play’ symbol.

If we are streaming live on Second Stream, the stream will turn on and you can hear the stream..

Check the Outside Broadcasts page to find out when we will be live on location, broadcasting on 90.5 FM and/or streaming on Second Stream.

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