Interview – Vansh Sharma

Written by on 14 September 2019

At just twelve years old, Vansh Sharma is now a published author and eager to share his poetry with the world. Life and a Glass of Milk showcases a wide variety of poetry, including sonnets, ballads, and limericks, that will appeal to anyone interested in seeing the world through the eyes of a twelve-year-old boy. In his first book, Vansh – with his precocious mind – explores love and loss, fear and forgiveness, life and death, and a glass of milk. He wants to grow up fast so he can be independent to discover the world in-depth and what lies within… though when he is grown he will weep for the “good old days”.

No matter who you are, or what type of poetry you like, there’s something for everyone in Vansh Sharma’s Life and a Glass of Milk.

Ross Higgins, Easy Listening Saturday Afternoon Show interviewed Vansh. You can hear the interview below.

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