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Home for metalheads

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A true home for metalheads, whether your flavour be thrash, heavy industrial, death, black, symphonic, progressive, speed, doom, grind, grunge, kawaii or glam. We will have you covered, playing the songs we guarantee won’t be played on other Stations. From Metallica to Morbid Angel, Sabbath to Slayer, Pantera to Judas Priest, the best mix of metal is found on Alive 90.5 FM.

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Into The Pit crew

A keen music fan since before he could talk, John experienced a Zen awakening, on hearing Metallica, accompanied by heavy chords and even heavier lyrics. John was there at the “Golden Age” of metal, when wearing leather and chains wasn’t only for Mardi Gras, and he is sure he will be there at the re-birth […]

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