40 km/h Speed Limits in City of Parramatta

Written by on 7 December 2019

City of Parramatta and Transport for NSW are introducing 40km/h speed limits on roads that have lots of pedestrians on and around them. The maximum speed limit for these roads will be 40km/h at all times.

Lower travel speeds improve a driver’s ability to stop quickly and react to the unexpected. A vehicle that hits a pedestrian at 50km/h is twice as likely to cause a fatality as the same vehicle travelling at 40km/h.

40km/h speed limits create a safer road environment for everyone, particularly vulnerable groups such as older road users and children.


The 40km/h speed limits will be signposted in locals streets in the Parramatta CBD area bounded by, but not including, O’Connell Street to the West, Wilde Avenue and Harris Street to the East, Victoria Road and the Parramatta River to the North, and the Great Western Highway, Parkes Street to the South.

Parramatta North includes local streets bounded by O’Connell Street to the West, Church Street to the East, Albert Street to the North and Victoria Road to the South. Westmead incudes streets bounded by Hawkesbury Road to the West, Parramatta Park to the East, Hainsworth Street to the North and the railway line to the South.

Harris Park is bounded by the railway line to the West, Harris Street to the East, Parkes Street to the North and Les Burnett Lane to the South.


The 40km/h speed limit is enforceable and normal enforcement procedures will apply.

To keep our community safe, look out for pedestrians and the 40km/h speed limit signs, and slow down.

For more information regarding safe speed limit, please visit Centre for Road Safety website. 

Please note the new speed limits will come into effect in the Parramatta CBD from Friday 29 November 2019 and will continue to be rolled out into North Parramatta, Harris Park and Westmead until the 6 December 2019.

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