‘Where it’s AT’ Parramatta

Written by on 22 October 2020

With COVID-19 taking much of the limelight this year you may have missed ‘Where it’s AT’ Parramatta.

🎥 Watch the video below 👇

Parramatta is a city of big thinkers, full of ambition who aren’t afraid to tell a new story about their city. They deserve a platform from which to share the many great stories about the city and invite people from outside to come and experience for themselves why Parramatta is truly ‘Where it’s AT’.

Where it’s AT – Parramatta



Storybox Parramatta | Where it’s at: Parramatta

Storybox brings a unique approach to building digital engagement tools and storytelling in public spaces. Storybox Parramatta has launched in Parramatta Square, displaying creative digital stories of Parramatta’s past, present and future.

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