The Time 2 Talk Is Now, Relationships Australia NSW Launch Free COVID-19 Helpline

Written by on 16 June 2020

COVID-19 has brought with it unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stress into the lives of everyday people. Whether it be the fear of a still relatively unknown contagion or the restrictions of a locked-down society, this pandemic has taken its toll on all of us.

New research conducted by Relationships Australia NSW has revealed the varied affect COVID-19 restrictions have had on our mental health.

National Executive Officer, Nick Tebbey revealed that while 42% of respondents experienced a “negative change in their relationship”, over 90% of people reported no change or positive changes in their relationships.

Workers also agree that “significant changes to their workplace… have affected their mental health”. 

To help combat this, Relationships Australia NSW has launched Time 2 Talk, a free telephone support service to assist individuals, couples, families, households and teams during the pandemic.

CEO of Relationships Australia NSW, Elisabeth Shaw hopes that by offering solution-driven advice, “Time 2 Talk will help New South Wales residents build a renewed sense of structure and reclaim control over their lives during these challenging and uncertain times.” 

Time 2 Talk – RANSW

Time 2 Talk is a free telephone support service for people around a range of COVID-19 related challenges relating to individuals, couples, families, households and teams.

Even Relationships Australia has been affected by the pandemic, with the organisation shifting the majority of client interactions to alternative modes to ensure both clients and staff are protected.

“The risk of increased loneliness and social isolation at this time is worrying, and while it is vital we adhere to physical distancing rules, we must also prioritise maintaining healthy social connections and relationships as the key to good mental and physical health.”

Time 2 Talk operates on a “no wrong door” approach, which means support, information and guidance are available to any person who seeks assistance, no matter the reason.

Each caller will have their issues explored and heard, and if required, triage and refer individuals into further Relationships Australia NSW services.

Operating around three key outcomes, the service aims to clarify problems faced by individuals in a pandemic, assist them in gaining new perspectives and insights into the issue, and most importantly, to work through and make changes.

However, if you are still unsure, you can visit the Time 2 Talk website and check out their list of issues that individuals may be currently facing, from answering questions about loneliness during home isolation, or whether or not to send kids to school. 

No matter your concern, issue, or challenge, the service is available at 1300 022 966, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, for whenever you find the Time 2 Talk.

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