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Alive 90.5 FM relies on sponsorship income to continue broadcasting to our local community. Through our sponsors we can ensure bills are paid, equipment is maintained and we can access resources to benefit our broadcasting quality.

In return for your support, Alive 90.5 FM offers businesses the chance to reach out to a local market. Your local customers. Your local community.

The local government areas of Parramatta, Cumberland and The Hills are diverse, with a total population in excess of 390,000 people. We broadcast to this area 24/7 with a range of programming to suit different interests, cultures and needs.

Through sponsorship, your can ensure you are reaching your local community, whilst supporting your local community.

As a non-for-profit, volunteer driven organisation, we ensure that our overheads are low. This allows us to offer incredible value for money compared to commercial radio and other means of brand awareness.

Our sponsorship rates are very competitive and we can tailor a package to suit your business and our needs. Our standard packages range from program specific to Platinum level.

Contact us now to find out how Alive 90.5 FM and your business can benefit our local community.

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Sponsorship Doesn't Have To Be Financial

We are always appreciative of the various services past and present sponsors can offer us. From providing affordable security to graphic design and printing, your sponsorship agreement can directly cover some of the station’s needs and cover part of the sponsorship fee.

The Feeling Is Mutual

We love to support our sponsors and its great to see them supporting us back!

By sponsoring the station, your business will be demonstrating active community support and participation while making friends along the way.

Our Audience

Info Graphic

Survey Info Graphic

The CBAA created an info-graphic to summarise the McNair Ingenuity Research survey results.

In 2017, McNair Ingenuity Research conducted a survey on behalf of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).

The survey revealed that 28% of Australians over the age of 15, listen to some community radio each week.

Why do they listen? 48% listen for local news, 31% listen for specialist music and 31% listen for local voices.

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