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Ayubowan! Welcome to a selection of exceptional Sri Lankan melodies especially curated for you. Let the rhythms evoke memories. Take a trip back in time. Let the nostalgy tempt you to create new memories. Indulge yourselves and reminisce! The contemporary rhythms of this exquisite tropical land Sri Lanka have surely evolved from the traditional music that once was. There is no better union evident than with classical Indian and Bollywood tunes. Thanks to the Colonists, the Dutch, Portuguese, and the British, we now have a variety of Western fused genres of music. Nowadays, a ‘traditional’ round of Baila marks the conclusion of events. Baila is a most popular toe tapping style of rhythmic music ‘gifted’ by the Portuguese. Such is the power of music – cultural boundaries are never barriers. Be curious! Be adventurous! Get to know a unique kind of sound.

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