Interview with Tim Beanland

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Tim Beanland


Tim Beanland is a Passionate marketing and podcasting nerd, obsessed with everything to do with consumer behavior, and what get’s people to take action.

Tim is the host of the Beantalking with Peak Perfomers Podcast, Where he has interviewed peak performers such as Jim Penman, Edward Zia and James Whittaker.

After graduating with a Marketing Degree from Monash University he decided to follow his passion for marketing and podcasting, and go all in on Beantalking, both increasing the production level of his show and also producing other podcasts for clients.

He wanted to show people starting a podcast out there that they didn’t need massive budgets or every single piece of fancy gear to get their voice out there.

His approach to podcasting is that it fits in incredibly well with an overall content marketing strategy, for any business.As well as his business Tim has learnt a lot from his experience with Manic Depression using the lessons he has learnt from the battles with mental health to motivate him to keep going and pushing forward and make the most of every single day.

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