Interview with Roslyn Trimboli

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Roslyn Trimboli

Roslyn Trimboli has a Master of Physiotherapy and is a practitioner with over 13 years’ experience in Sports Physiotherapy. Trimboli is the Head Physiotherapist and owner of Back on Track Health Clinic in Western Sydney and the creator of the Brace Yourself Posture Brace®.

Roslyn grew up playing all sports and eventually played professional netball and became Sports Captain in High School. She has dedicated her life to sports and saw many professional athletes ruin their careers because of injuries.

That’s what ignited her passion for correcting patient’s injuries to prevent the surgery pathway. She believes surgery should be the last resort and all treatment options should be considered first.

Her method is unique. Through the analysis of the body, its biomechanics and physical preparation, she knows athletes can feel prepared for an injury-free season and if treatment is required, Roslyn designs programs to give them a speedy and safe return to sports with not career-ending injuries.

After 13 years treating thousands of patients, Roslyn started seeing an increased number of people coming through the doors of her clinic with back, neck and shoulder pain caused by poor posture. Further researched identified that these issues originated mainly from patient’s work posture habits and their productivity at work was being compromised.

Unable to find a medical-grade posture brace that didn’t provide patients with discomfort from pinching, elastic band displacement and tension around the shoulders, Roslyn decided to design her own high-performance posture brace that would give her patients the results and comfort they needed.

Good posture ensures the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and supporting the body equally. It can help boost energy levels, and enables you to breathe better, maintain form when exercising and reduce your chances of injury when performing physical activities.

The body is a fantastic structure that can heal if aligned correctly. The Brace Yourself Posture Brace® was designed to provide clients the best opportunity to improve their posture and overall health”.

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