Interview with Rania Shashati

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Rania Shashati

Rania Shashati – BIOI

migrated to Australia from Sudan when I was only 9 years old. After settling and establishing a new life and culture in Australia, my family and I quickly became assimilated to our new home.

Having completed my Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Management)/Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, I became admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in August 2014.

In those years, I practiced in suburban firms where my practice was mainly in property law and property related matters. This included coordination and management of property purchase and sale files from start to finish including residential and commercial properties and off the plan development contracts, reviewing general agreements and deeds, drafting agreements, advice, notices, correspondences, liaising with stakeholders including mortgage brokers, banks and other side solicitors.Following on from my practice in the suburban firms, I then moved onto Sydney CBD where I was involved in strata and property related matters.

My practice included liaising with body corporates, strata managers, lot owners, committee members and insolvency firms.

My practice also involved insolvency sale files, drafting agreements, deeds, licences, advice and negotiation of contracts involving property, strata advice, drafting of by-laws, caveats, easements and restrictions.I am a mother of two young children.

My children are the reason and purpose in life. I strive not only for them, but to lead by example so that one day, they may continue in my footsteps and uphold the values and morals I am teaching them.I am also a director of St Michael’s Meals -The Parks which is a charitable organisation outreach of St Michael’s Meals.

I commenced my charity work solo in 2019 through Christmas Toy Drives where over 1000 toys were donated to over four hospitals during the Christmas season. After initiating several other projects including elderly parcels and care packages, I became a director of St Michael’s Meals – The Parks and have since been carrying on those initiatives.

My latest focus is on feeding the homeless in the Western suburbs and reaching out to the vulnerable and those in need.I am an individual who not only wears my heart on my sleeve and strives to achieve the best outcome for those I meet, I am also a personable and resilient person and always endeavour to assist those around me as much as possible.

My family, law and helping others are my passion and mission in life.

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