Interview with Raman Bhalla

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Raman Bhalla

Raman Bhalla Bio:

Raman is a Chartered Accountant and a registered tax agent. He is a partner of one of the leading and fast growing accounting and financial services firm RSB Partners.

RSB Partners provide specialist accounting, tax, business advisory, home loans and property investment services.

Raman has a number of years of experience in providing top notch business and corporate advice, tax planning, business structuring and corporate governance advice.

Raman acts as Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary for ASX listed entities, start- up enterprises, private companies and not-for-profit organisations and adds significant value for stakeholders.

Raman has been a regular speaker at media forums on economic and financial challenges facing small to medium businesses and on government’s economic policy positions.

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