Interview with Kitty Parker – Part One

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Kitty Parker - Part One

About Kitty Parker:

Kitty Parker is the award winning Director of Kitty & Miles – Personal Buyer’s Agency. Kitty is not just a pioneer Buyer’s Agent, but an expert in psychology and self-confessed data nerd with her research having been published in international scientific journals alongside Nobel Prize winners.Kitty brings to the real estate industry a unique combination of tertiary qualifications in policy, strategic planning and psychology, along with many years’ experience at the forefront of a multi-national corporate that she created as a start-up. Having an unfortunate childhood and spending her teenage years as a homeless, high school drop-out, Kitty came to experience firsthand the dignity and security that comes with home ownership. The high standard of property buyer advocacy Kitty is today renowned for is a consequence of her own disadvantaged past.As a keynote speaker, Buyer’s Agent, and Director of Kitty & Miles, Kitty aims to improve and change the way in which people buy property throughout Australia. As a consequence of this, Kitty hopes to also enhance innovation in the real estate sector.


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