Interview with Jacob Galea -Part Two

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Jacob Galea -Part Two

Jacob Galea Bio

20+ years growing businesses across Australia, Asia, Germany, the USA and Singapore, from start-ups, to SMEs, corporates and multinationals, listed and unlisted, government and private.

Leadership experience spans Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Retail Operations, International Expansions, Management, HR, to Technology and Systems and Transformations.

Strategic growth know-how forged across groups the likes of PMP Print, Westpac Bank, to STI GROUP and Fuji Xerox.

Industry experience spans Print, Packaging, Media, Retail to Banking, Consulting, to Manufacturing. Possesses advanced product/service knowledge relating to Printing, Consulting Programs, Retail Equipment and solutions, to Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Mentoring.

Renowned by industry and peers for passionate, inspirational and inclusive leadership, and depth of management experience. Recognised by Boards for strategic prowess in developing business plans, business models and product/service offerings, for exemplary execution to plan and strategic management of stakeholders and customers.

Partners with CEO/Boards in building brands, outwitting competitors, to opening and dominating new markets.

Core problems specialises in solving includes: Mentoring, lack of strategic opportunity identification, poor sales leadership, outdated systems, police and process, to inadequate customer development and nurturing. Specialist expertise includes business turnarounds, transformations, re-engineering sales processes, and seeking out and securing sizeable new deals.

Over 153 Keynote talks delivered.

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