Interview with Helen Grant and Kat May Jeffrey – Part Two

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Helen Grant and Kat May Jeffrey - Part Two

About Helen Grant

Helen has been a tarot practitioner for over 25 years. She has had a varied background which started in sales, then into corporate HR and teaching.

Starting from a very young age, she has had an active interest in exploring spirituality, the meaning of life and the foundations of our belief systems.

She came across tarot as a means to gather insight into many of life’s questions. She has studied tarot and grown a successful practice with a vast range of clients.

Her goal is to always provide guidance and clarity, coming from a place of intuition and integrity.

About Kat May Jeffrey

Kat is a vibrant, energetic go-getter who has a deep passion for bringing the BEST out in others & allowing them to truly live out their FULL potential.

She had a super successful 17yr career in the corporate world as a leader from the age of 23, she skyrocketed up that corporate ladder working for some of Australia’s largest corporations (Westpac, Virgin Australia & Telstra) making it all the way to the executive level of leadership by 33!

However she became burnt out, fatigue & quickly learnt that the corporate world was not forever!

After a soul searching journey she found her calling within Coaching. Now with a Masters in Coaching, NLP & Timeline Therapy she has helped 100’s of people across the world UPLEVEL in their lives breaking through their limitations to live the life they truly desire!

Her 7 Step program is designed for Ambitious Professionals who are ready to take that NEXT big step in their Career & Life! Now UPLEVEL could mean a promotion, a new role at a new company, starting your own business, taking on a stretch project or even moving abroad.

She is here to leave a legacy by IMPACTING the lives of 1,000’s of people through her new Coaching mission!

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