Interview with Dean M Lloyd – Part One

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Dean M Lloyd - Part One

Dean who is a therapeutic practitioner, with qualifications in Gestalt Therapy, Diploma in Community Services, Facilitator level training in Systemic Constellations and a keen interest in Murray Bowen Family Systems Theory.

Dean is someone who inherently understand people, what motivates and sustains change.

Dean has presented abstracts at;9th International Criminal Justice Conference,The Australian & New Zealand Society of Criminology ,The Reintegration PuzzleDean has appeared in Documentaries such as; Incarceration NationLife on the OutsideDean has also had published work in the the Journal of Criminology – Covid Special Edition as part of writing group DEDICA.

Dean refers to himself as a Criminal Consultant;A criminal consultant is a person with lived experience of the criminal justice system who acts as a conduit between the world of business and prison. In essence a change agent teaching companies and organisations how to unlock the value in employing people with a criminal record.

Dean has developed change programs working from the foundation of safety first, that allows people to understand the power of personal responsibility.

Dean is the founder of Lloyd Consulting Company – whose ethos is Business Done Differently.

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