How do you measure success in life and business? Interview with Rania and Hussam Dabit

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
How do you measure success in life and business? Interview with Rania and Hussam Dabit

After migrating to Australia at only years 9 of age, Rania quickly became assimilated to the new life and culture in Australia. ✅Following completion of her law degree and venturing out into the legal world, she decided to set up her own law practice, RS Law Group as a family-owned business dedicated to assisting clients with their legal needs❗️

Rania has extensive experience in property law, strata law and property related matters including coordination and management of property purchase and sale files for residential, commercial and off the plan developments.

Reviewing contracts, advising clients of issues and concerns relating to the contract, negotiating amendments to the contract, arranging, and reviewing inspection reports, arranging and attending to settlement.

Drafting deeds, agreements, advice, notices, acting on sale and purchase of business and liaising with stakeholders including mortgage brokers, banks and other side solicitors.

Rania is also experienced with wills and estates, engaging in insolvency sale files, strata advice, drafting of by-laws, caveats and liaising with body corporates, strata managers, lot owners, committee members and insolvency firms.✅

Accompanied by her husband Hussam Dabit who also migrated to Australia at a young age and has been in the IT Industry for the past 20 years, Rania and Hussam will not only speak about life and the wonders of life, but what it is like having a start-up business in this day and age, while juggling having a small family, running their own charity organisation outreach St Michael’s Meals – The Parks and everyday life challenges. ✅

Hussam and Rania are both not only personable and resilient individuals who endeavour to assist those around them as much as possible, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and apply those morals and values into RS Law Group by not only building a strong, genuine relationship of trust with the client, but in going above and beyond in ensuring that the client’s matter is resolved as smooth as possible❗️

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