Bengali women’s struggle | Gaan Baksho review | Bangla podcast : EP-10

Gaan Baksho LIVE!
Gaan Baksho LIVE!
Bengali women's struggle | Gaan Baksho review | Bangla podcast : EP-10
“GAAN BAKSHO LIVE” is a Bengali Community talk show by Team “Gaan Baksho”. We endeavour to cater Bengali speaking audience from diverse age groups.
We are bringing current affairs relevant for our Bengali Community living in Sydney, NSW. Our program consists of community topic discussions with significant guest speakers and celebrities. The program consists of announcements of upcoming Bengali events in Sydney. Amidst all the stories we would highlight the positive stories within Bengali community to encourage more positivity and inspirations.
Second half of our program consist of awareness building topic discussion for Bengali community and families. In this segment we anticipate to embrace all the changes that we are experiencing and discuss how to move forward with knowledge and awareness to avoid being stereotypical and be able to reach out to Australian community and it’s resources. Bringing social cohesion whilst being aware of the wider community we live with is essential and to bridge the gap between Australian and Bengali community this would be a pilot step towards a multicultural Australia.
Last half hour of the program consists of reviews of local lifestyles and entertainments. Team Gaan Baksho are honoured to present a very informative and interactive talk show for Bengali Community living in Sydney NSW.
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