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Written by on 9 October 2019

New developments in Sydney are everywhere, from Rouse Hill to Parramatta, when will we ever just get to stop and enjoy some of the older monuments of our beautiful city?

If this is you who’d like a slice of Sydney’s history, the Parramatta & District Historical Society have you well covered. They maintain John Macarthur’s Hambledon Cottage, which is located at 63 Hassall St, Parramatta NSW 2150.

Every month, Parramatta & District Historical Society hold FREE talks about not only the Cottage’s great history, but some great speeches from guests about Australia’s History. There are so many stories to learn about, it would be a waste of time reading the rest of this article, go contact them now!

A unique feature of Hambledon Cottage Museum is the EXHIBITION within the cottage where new information discovered by members of the Society about the FEMALE FACTORY of Parramatta is displayed. This unique exhibition is included in the guided tour of the cottage

Trevor, Publicity Manager of Parramatta & District Historical Society

Wondering what they’re talking about this month? Read on below

James Jervis Memorial Lecture 21 October 2019 7.30pm Burnside Gardens Community Centre 3 Blackwood Pl, Oatlands. NSW

Dr Scott Hill Curator Elizabeth Farm Parramatta

Professionally Useful to the Colony: The Short Career of Mr Henry Kitchen:

“Mr. Kitchen, a settler, who as an architect intends at the same time to render himself professionally useful to the Colony…”

(The Sydney Gazette, 28 December, 1816)

Scott’s presentation is based on his PhD thesis – ‘Paper Houses’ – which examined John Macarthur’s interest in architecture and building, with particular attention to the surviving plans for the various Macarthur residences, one of which is Hambledon Cottage. Instrumental to these plans was the young architect, Henry Kitchen.

Scott’s lecture will examine Kitchen’s life before coming to Australia, his relationship with John Macarthur, his wider colonial experience, his plans of Hambledon Cottage and other colonial buildings, his untimely death and architectural legacy.

Much of the content has not been previously presented to a public audience and will provide a unique perspective on Henry Kitchen: his significance and place in the Australian architecture tradition.

To Scott, who trained as an architect before becoming a curator, understanding a historic house, an interior or landscape is a process of ‘reverse‐designing’, about taking the finished product and digging down to find the ‘why’, the reasons, the decisions and the myriad of hidden influences that led to its creation.

If you’re interested in attending a talk and tour of John Macarthur’s Hambledon Cottage Museum, contact Parramatta & District Historical Society on (02) 9635 6924 or email parramattahist@tpg.com.au

Featured image provided by Parramatta & District Historical Society.

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