Free e-Waste Recycling

Written by on 31 December 2018

City of Parramatta Council conducts regular free e-Waste recycling drop off days. For more details of the next recycling drop off day, visit the council’s website or call 9806 8295

Electronic waste or e-waste

E-Waste is any electronic equipment that is no longer useful as originally intended. E-Waste includes computers, mobile phones, televisions, fax machines etc. E-waste can contain hundreds of different materials, including both valuable recyclable materials (including copper, aluminium, gold, silver, glass and plastics ) as well as hazardous substances (including lead, mercury, beryllium and cadmium).

Why should we recycle unwanted e-waste?

Every time e-waste is disposed to landfill, valuable recyclable materials are lost forever and toxic substances can lead into the environment. In Australia approximately 140,000 tonnes of e-Waste is generated per annum, with only 4% being recycled (2009). As we are upgrading our mobile phones, computers and other electronic products more frequently than ever before, the amount of electronic waste is growing rapidly. Hence, more needs to be done to increase re-use and recycling of e-waste at the end of its life.

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