Broadcasting Legal Aspects for Radio

Broadcasting Legal Aspects for Radio

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You don’t want to end up in court with legal costs, penalty fines, criminal charges and/or damages payments because of your radio show and a slip of the tongue on air. It can be an exceptionally expensive little mistake. Are you that rich?

Knowing about legal aspects of radio broadcasting is ESSSENTIAL for ALL on air radio announcers, show producers and interviewees. See you on the day.

A seminar for all non-lawyer radio presenters to clarify legal aspects of radio and media broadcasts.

Learn about liable, slander and defamation legal issues so you don’t get sued.

Learn about anti-discrimination law and what can get you into trouble and be taken to court by the crown and be fined. Just your legal defense costs can be expensive.
Copyright law and what you can and can not broadcast. Legal and licensed sources and ones that can cause you grief legally. 

What on air comment can be a criminal offense? 

Learn about relevant Acts of Parliament and civil law that has a direct bearing on what you do every moment you are on air and what you publish on social media.

An essential course for :-

  • Radio Accouncers
  • Radio Producers
  • Interviewers
  • Journalists
  • Soucial media user
  • Blogger
  • Newsletter Editors
  • Anyone or wants to inform and educate and well as entertain.

Presented by Qualified & experienced Retired Lawyer, Court Magistrate, Radio Presenter, Radio Station Chairperson.


20th June, 2021 9:45 AM through 12:00 PM
15 Mackinnon AVE
Phone: 0432552259
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