8000 Water Bottles for Bushfire and Disaster Relief

Written by on 7 January 2020

Bengali program Gaan Baksho is taking the initiative of providing relief to all affected by Bushfires. Alive 90.5 FM is joining Gann Baksho and supporting this great cause.

With state emergency declared the resources are getting scarce and demands are increasing. Whilst everyone is wanting to help in some way or the other, collective effort is always more powerful and builds stronger bond amongst the communities.

In affected areas the local shops have increased the price of water and in Evacuation centres where thousands of people are seeking shelter due to loss of homes and environmental threat. Now is the time to step up and stand by our disaster stricken fellow Australians.

This is a platform so all those who are wondering where to donate can take part as we target to raise $3500 for 8000 bottles of water. Whatever money we raise we will be buying as much water bottles we can and it will be transported and delivered into evacuation centres. The reason behind choosing water is because that is the most high demand donation item right now.

However, you may wish to contribute directly with food or water bottles to our office address at Building 9/92 Seven Hills Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153. See Map.

Also, you can deposit money directly to account below:

Gaan Baksho
BSB 302162
ACC: 1084875

Our core values include due diligence, transparency and serving community. Upon finishing fundraising campaign, the details to be published on our Gaan Baksho page.

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