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“HaveHope & Laughs” inspires our listeners to engage and support themselves and each other by sharing stories, unlocking the healing power of laughter and starting dialogue about real life. There is great power in “sharing”, because we realise we’re not alone & we all go through similar but unique experiences.

My plan is to present content and music that will make people smile, laugh and bring joy while creating and fostering the possibility of unconditional love and acceptance of all people.

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HaveHope & Laughs crew

Tariro’s professional experience as a Chartered Accountant & Tax Advisor is a world away from her current path chasing the healing power of laughter “to live better and stronger”. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, Tariro made a massive life change, and is now a successful multiple sclerosis survivor and single mother of two kids doing life as […]

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