Our Audience


Alive 90.5 is the local station for one of Australia’s most dynamic, productive and multicultural regions.

The local government areas of Parramatta, Cumberland and The Hills are diverse, with an estimated total population in excess of 640,000 people (2017). Alive 90.5 broadcasts to this area twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with a range of programming as diverse as the area itself.

Parramatta, Cumberland and The Hills fall under the ACMA licencing classification of Parramatta RA1. While this is our licenced area, our signal can be heard in other surrounding areas in the Sydney basin. We also have a world-wide audience via our internet streaming and podcasting.


How many people listen?

The 2014 McNair Ingenuity Community Radio Survey revealed 997,000 people aged 15+ listened to community radio in Sydney in an average week. That’s 27% of all Sydney residents!

You can read the full survey here:

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