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Roger, a recent appointee to the Program Committee, brings a wealth of “life experiences” attained over his illustrious career spanning many decades! Roger has experienced and collected an array of music that has been selected from a variety of sources both in Australia and other parts of the World. His tastes are very eclectic, which […]

I retired in 2016 after a career in sales within the Grocery Market. My career started as a Sales Representative and at retirement I was Australian Sales Director with a Multi National England based Personal care and home cleaning products. I was also a member of the International Sales Committee Retirement was a little boring […]

I was born in Germany in 1967 and lived in the UK until the family relocated to what is now Zimbabwe, (formally Rhodesia), in 1974 where I remained through my formative years. After completing high school I worked at the Archipelago nightclub in Harare as a DJ until relocating back to the UK in 1987. […]

Jack is a simple boy, he doesn’t need fame or money to enjoy life. But he would love it if you’re willing to spare a little. Growing up Jack loved playing AFL football and dreamed of becoming a professional player. During high school he acquired new and different passions in music and comedy and after […]

Matt Thomson has a passion for music, baking, acting, playing guitar, and making funny movies, and he always loves to make people laugh. He also finds writing in 3rd person very disorientating. Matt went through high school dreaming of being a radio host and he climbed his way through the schools ranks to become Castle […]

Kiks has been in music and radio for 12 years as a radio show presenter and DJ. He enjoys playing Old School Urban music because it’s the music that he grew up listening to and continue to listen to as it gets him and his listeners into a good mood.

Dave is the Senior Producer of the Sunday Sports Roundup program.

Dominic Vozzo is the new presenter of Alive 90.5 FM's Drive program on Tuesday afternoons and Hit Mix show on Monday afternoons

Divya Saxena is the co-presenter of Alive 90.5's entertaining talk show, ‘What’s Going On’.

Steve Boyd is a co-presenter on the Rock N Roll Smorgasbord show.

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