Sponsor Partnerships for Alive 90.5 FM

Sponsor Partnerships for Alive 90.5 FM

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Learn About Station & Presenter Benefits

Partnerships with Sponsors helps the station continue meeting operating costs and funds our equipment and broadcasting infrastructure upgrades and replacements.

The Partnerships with Sponsors arranged by radio show presenters/producers can significantly reduce or waiver air fee personal costs for presenters.

Learn About Listener & Community Jobs Benefits

Importantly, Partnerships with Sponsors helps keep our listeners informed of local services and products that they may benefit from and need to access. 

Supporting local businesses helps create local jobs that might help family, friends and/or neighbours.

Local businesses and jobs helps keep our local economy healthy and robust and has many community benefits. Higher employment correlates with less poverty, improved living and health as well as lower crime rates.

Learn About Local Business Benefits

Local businesses can benefit from our radio stations broadcasts as a way of connecting them with local customers and maintain their business viability.

Our local businesses need cost effective ways to communicate with the community — Alive 90.5 fm is the solution.

Get new kits so you can be more informed—you can get sponsors for your shows and the station

An essential course for:-

  • Radio Announcers
  • Radio Producers
  • Interviewers
  • Station committee members
  • Station volunteers
  • Anyone who wants to inform and educate as well as entertain.
23rd June, 2021 7:00 PM through  9:00 PM
9, 92 Seven Hills Road
Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153
Phone: 9686 3888
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Member $0.00
Non Member (Includes Membership) $36.00

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