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Your commute home doesn't need to be boring! Tune in to Drive on Alive to get the best music, the latest news and traffic updates

Monday: Kerima-Gae


Kerima-Gae will be filling in on Mondays while we search for a long term presenter.

Kerima-Gae is no stranger to the microphone having been a presenter here at Alive since May 1994 with her Rock ‘n’ Roll nostalgia show ‘Jukebox Jive’ on Friday nights. She is enjoying the chance to present Monday Drive with a mix of music and information to help make the listeners journey home more enjoyable.




Tuesday: Jerome Vagg

Jerome Vagg

Jerome Vagg joined Alive 90.5 in early 2018 and has found a home presenting Drive on Alive every Tuesday night and every second Thursday. Jerome plays some of your favourite songs from ’70s to Now and keeps you up to date with community news, initiatives and events.

Jerome also co-hosts Game On! every Saturday morning, is the chair of the station’s Programming Committee and a member of the station’s Board.

Find out more about Jerome and his work at Alive on his presenter profile.




Wednesday & Thursday: Kaushala Rajapakse

Kaushala Rajapakse presents Wednesday and Thursday Drive.






Aparna Vats

Friday: Aparna Vats

Join Aparna on Drive every Friday night then stick around for the AMRAP music countdown, also presented by Aparna.

Adding to her radio resume, Aparna also presents her own program, Point of View, every Sunday.




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Drive on Alive crew

Jerome presents Game On! and Tuesday Drive. He also presents Thursday Drive every second week, serves on the station's board as Deputy Chair and Chairs our programming committee.

Dennis has been a member of the station since 2013 and presenting on air since 2014. His working career was focused on the sales of consumer goods through supermarkets and pharmacies. Dennis will utilise his expertise to help the station with sponsorship opportunities.

Aparna joined Alive 90.5 more than seven years ago and currently presents Friday Drive and the Amrap Countdown show.

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