The Good Report

Julie Jordan

At about 9:15pm, we’re joined by Pastor Paul Chappell of Lancaster Baptist Church, California, USA. He emphasises proclaiming the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ, and its application as well to various issues of life. His preaching is clear and unequivocal, and his style is friendly. He often speaks on family issues. At about 10:10pm, you will hear the Unshackled program, the longest-running radio program, which recounts in dramatic theatre the life-story of many different people from all walks of life, and how their lives have been transformed by an encounter with the living God. There is also some Christian music and Bible reading. You may also hear some thoughts on the creation/evolution issue, usually derived from the Creation magazine, the work of many scientists respected in their fields and with credentials that match any prominent media spokesmen on these topics

The Good Report

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