What is the most important ingridient for happy and long healthy life? Interview with Dr Michael S. Fenster

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
What is the most important ingridient for happy and long healthy life? Interview with Dr Michael S. Fenster

Empowering people to take control over their health and wellness through a positive relationship with food.

About Chef Dr. Mike Cardiologist. Professor. Chef. Author. Storyteller.

Dr. Mike is a trailblazer in the field of culinary medicine. By combining his culinary talents with cutting-edge medical expertise and evidence-based insights he forges an approach to healthy living beyond mere nutrition or fad diets. He doesn’t believe in setting boundaries when it comes to food.

The ideas that healthy food can’t be flavorful, that tasty food can’t be good for you, or that a one-size-fits-all, healthy diet exists are all myths.

And, one by one, he is busting those myths. Every person is unique—from their body to their preferences. You don’t need a self-described “health expert” telling you what to eat. Instead, through the power of Culinary Medicine you will be armed with evidence-backed knowledge on the relationship between your food and your body. You will be able to make decisions that are right for your health and general wellbeing.

Chef Dr. Mike isn’t here to judge your habits or your tastes. He’s here to help you learn the truth about food and health so that you have the opportunity to make the best choices for yourself and those you care about. When he’s not in the operating room, teaching Culinary Medicine, or in the kitchen; Chef Dr. Mike spends his free time wandering the beautiful Montana mountains with his lovely wife Jennifer and their pair of pound pups. “Forget everything you have been told about food and health. It is not about calories. It is not about separation or deprivation. It is about integration and inspiration.

I want people to forget about eating healthy and I want them to think about eating delicious.” “Culinary medicine is a relatively new discipline based on applying evidence-based data to ancient teachings,” Chef Dr. Mike explained. He added that mainstream medicine has failed to provide people with diets that offer good-tasting meals that are actually good for the body. Culinary Medicine shifts from failed perspectives focusing on 19th century concepts of calories, unintelligible guidelines around percent sat fats and RDAs, and useless palate profiling categories like “dairy” or “red meat,” to focus upon the quality of the ingredients we choose.

With Chef Dr. Mike’s targeted approach to the complete food experience, not just the what we eat, but the how, why, where, when, and with whom, we choose to dine, this revolutionary vision is breaking new ground.

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