My Local Sports Bag – West Sydney Wolves

Sunday Sports Roundup
Sunday Sports Roundup
My Local Sports Bag - West Sydney Wolves
Bob Turner is one of the greatest NBL coaches in history and as the General Manager of the WSWBA he wants to use his experience to usher in the next generation of coaches. Bob has donated a free 10-week training program to one of the ‘My Local Sports Bag’ recipients to save them costs on lessons but also to give his young coaches more exposure at a younger age. Bob feels other associations are currently too skewed to competitions rather than coaching so he wants to breed young coaches so they can develop leadership skills at a younger age and guide their communities.
0:00 – 2:15 min mark – introduction to club
3.00 min mark – why Bob Turner got involved?
6.00 min mark – representative teams and coaching programs
8.00 min mark – West Sydney Wolves approach to target kids
10.00 min mark – club donates 10-week basketball program
12.15 min mark – Ben Simmons and the effect of ‘basketball renaissance’ in Australia
14.30 min mark – how do we get involved?
15.00 min mark – Meeting with Parra mayor there is no indoor sport facility
16.00 min mark – West Sydney Wolves donate to My Local Sports Bag
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