My Local Sports Bag – North Rocks Soccer Club

Sunday Sports Roundup
Sunday Sports Roundup
My Local Sports Bag - North Rocks Soccer Club
North Rocks soccer club is one of the biggest in the Hills Association who were kind enough to give us their playing kit. They are taking a strong stance on respecting referees. This is because the game, particularly at a community sport level, is losing them because they are receiving abuse. These referees are often quite young and maturing, so this abuse can have a negative effect on their mental health.
North Rocks also shared a piece of their club history with us, donating their 20-year anniversary book from back in 1985.
0:00 -1.00 min mark – introduction to North Rocks Soccer Club
2.47 min mark – funny grand finals story
5.00 min mark – President Peter Karvon’s background with club
7.20 min mark – Rod Staples was last man standing of the North Rocks ‘old guard’
8.00 min mark – playing with my mates
10.00 min mark – what happens on gameday?
11:30 min mark – referee protection plea from president Peter Karvon
12:00 min mark – North Rocks donation to My Local Sports Bag with historic gift
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