My Local Sports Bag – Holroyd Hotshots Netball Club

Sunday Sports Roundup
Sunday Sports Roundup
My Local Sports Bag - Holroyd Hotshots Netball Club
Club volunteer coordinator Emma’ Broomfield’s club has been growing over the years, so she is asking a particular age group to join for a very different reason. Holroyd is looking for kids aged between 15-18 because they are undergoing big changes in their lives and dealing with the social pressures of higher studies, planning their future careers and fitting in with other adolescents. Netball, and sport in general, is a great outlet during this time and women’s adolescent mental health isn’t an area well covered.
0:00 – 2:15 min mark – introduction to the club
3:10 min mark – what are ‘hotties helpers’?
4:15 min mark – results of club last year
6.00 min mark – positions Emma Bloomfield has played (funny)
7.00 min mark – what does game day looking like?
8.00 min mark – looking for adolescents to join to improve mental health through netball
9.00 min mark – how to get involved
10.00 min mark – club donation
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