Interview with Simon Bowden & Dale Stevens

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Simon Bowden & Dale Stevens

About Simon Bowden

“Hello, I’m Simon…I’m a Master Coach which means I’ve coached in excess of 10,000 hours. My mission is always to help my clients identify their aspirations and vision, strengths and blindspots; help them make informed decisions and take actions when needed to ultimately fast track them towards their personal goals.(In fact, over 25 years, I’ve probably coached 30,000 hours plus)I believe coaching enables you to make real change in both your personal and business life. From a coaching perspective, with regular mentoring and on-going support, I’ll help you define the difference between standing still or taking huge leap forward.

Personally, I took this leap a number of years ago and since then, I’m loving my life! I share this amazing life with my partner Naomi and our four amazing children, living together in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.My business success came to me very early. I started my very own lawn mowing round at 7 years old. I’d present myself at someone’s front door, dressed in my best, with a cheeky glint in my eye and a winning smile, and offer to mow their lawns. Even though it was a simple lawn mowing venture, I presented a professional image that I knew would appeal to the older generation – which of course they loved enabling me to grow a very successful business.

After owning my own business for twenty-five years, I’ve worked as a coach for many corporates, a mentor for entrepreneurs and a marketing coach for small business owners. Over the years I’ve built a unique understanding of “you” as a business owner and the support you need to deal with mindset blocks. I also understand your market, the people you want to connect with. I love getting inside their heads and hearts, to uncover what you’ll need to successfully market to each individual to create a profit like no other.

And I do it in the most simple, smart way I can, with no fluff, no jargon, just “amazing” results.To be honest, as a coach I do wear many hats and that’s what makes me unique within the coaching industry. According to my fellow colleagues, I’m a Business Coach, Marketing Specialist, Business Mentor, Growth Advisor, Mindset Coach, Business Consultant, Empath, Intuitive and friend so I do understand the ups and downs business owners face day-to-day, as well as the juggling, multi-tasking and the constant distractions that come with owning a business.My coaching caters for a broad range of people, from executives and directors to entrepreneurs, small business owners and beyond. Whatever your situation, I’ll help you to build on your strengths and get clear on how to create a promising future.

About Dale Stevens

London trained actor Dale Stevens used her creativity to develop vastly different characters such as an assassin in ‘Mission Impossible’ or a detective in ‘Blue Heelers. ‘

Today, she prefers to use her creativity to grow the influence of the people she coaches. 

Dale uses her extensive experience in theatre, film and television to inform her unique approach. She emphasizes the importance of ‘Presence’ in creating dynamic, inspiring and influential communicators.

TED talks, dynamic presentations, changing culture through  conversations, all can be used to leverage your personality for greater inspiration, influence and income. 

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