Interview with Sabine Raschhofer

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Sabine Raschhofer

“Screw the Rules: Follow Your Heart and Do Your Thing”!!

About Sabine Raschhofer:

Sabine Raschhofer was born and raised in the Austrian Alps. After graduating from college, she set out on a quest to find her calling. Seeking a life of freedom and fulfilment and driven by a strong sense of adventure, Sabine moved between countries and continents.

From working in a South African beach bar, to selling advertising for The World Travel Guide, to managing a Wilderness Ranch in the Canadian outback, Sabine enthusiastically seized an exciting and eclectic mix of trans-continental employment opportunities.

On arrival in Australia, Sabine embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and set up her own company in Sydney but was faced with betrayal and bullying that forced her to mount the legal fight of her life.

Sabine’s strength of character, grit and determination enabled her to scale insurmountable problems with a strong sense of integrity and awe-inspiring resilience. She now calls Sydney home.

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