Interview with Raman Bhalla

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Raman Bhalla

About Raman Bhalla

Chartered Accountant, Investor, Corporate Advisor, Investment Banker
Raman is partner of RSB Hexagon which provides end to end services in busines advisory, accounting, tax, financing, real estate investments and wealth management. Raman is the founding principal of Proactive CFOs and Business Advisors where he assists clients with capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures advisory services.

Raman Bhalla is President and Chief Executive Officer of Sydney Investors, Professionals and Business Networking Group Incorporated (SIPBN).
Previously, Raman worked with several Australian and Global investment banks in senior executive management roles and executed some highly successful busines deals.

Raman is passionate about building businesses and facilitating international trade, business, and investment. His extensive international business, professional and political networks across Australia, US, India, Israel, Hong Kong and China.

Raman acts as Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary for ASX listed entities, start- up enterprises, private companies and not-for-profit organisations and adds significant value for stakeholders.
His hobbies include community work, politics, golf, cricket, travelling and reading.

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