Interview with Philip Robison

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Philip Robison

About Philip Robison

When I started out building Saving Brothers I used my own journey as a starting point.I had been what I thought was successful in building a Mortgage Practice but never recovered from the Global Financial Crisis of 2009.I was doing the typical things for many men trying to keep up with everyone else and my measure of success was what I had nice houses, kids in Private School, beautiful cars and travel.

Yet I still felt empty…like “Is all there is…”In September 2014 after a routine annual visit to my G.P. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and on 16 December 2014 I had my Prostate removed. Since that time I have had 5 surgeries for various complications. It was a very lonely time for me and it culminated in my marriage of 22 ½ years coming to an end on June 14 2018.A difficult separation ensued with me no longer living with my children which has continued since June 2018.During this time I felt alone and isolated from my children and local community.

In April 2020 I decided I wanted to build a Legacy beyond my lifetime and I created Saving Brothers. My mission was to make sure men no longer felt alone and uncomfortable about talking about their feelings and being vulnerable.My mission was also to be there to support men when they were feeling a sense of helplessness.Since finishing school in 1984 I have seen 4 of my school friends take their own lives.

Saving Brothers was designed to be a Resource for men to get support, to learn about how to take better care of themselves both their physical and mental health. To be a Platform for men to seek help for women to access resources to support the men in their lives and for Men to get access to Coaching and Mentoring where they need it.With the release of our Wellness App for Men next month our Global Program called Keep5Alive will help to save millions of lives across the Globe.

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