Interview with Patrick Scolyer-Gray

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Patrick Scolyer-Gray

About Patrick Scolyer-Gray

Having spent 5 years engaged in immersive mixed-methods ethnographic research on the notorious and fully anonymous online forum 4chan, I now apply my fine-grained understanding of human-computer interactions to my constantly evolving role as a cyber-sociologist.

A cyber-sociologist employs and leverages social scientific methods, theories and concepts to analyse intersections of technology and society at the micro, meso and/or macro-social level(s). My transdisciplinary work is usually focused on the identification and explanation of where, how and why tension or friction has (or has not) manifested, in addition to similarly unpacking the associated implications (social, political, economic, technological, strategic etc.).

Using an analytical approach grounded in the critical perspective afforded by my unique position as an outsider (i.e., as a social scientist working in the domain of the physical sciences), I develop and deliver solutions to problems I identify or encounter (be they social, sociotechnical or otherwise) by synthesizing new insights and techniques borne out of my unique combination of experience, knowledge and expertise with technology and what many like to call the ‘human factor’.

My unique blend of social and technical skills have been successfully applied to my work in cybersecurity across a myriad of fields and issues, of which many have been grounded in highly technical subject matter (e.g., identity authentication technologies, machine learning and big data analytics, access control systems, data breaches, IoT technologies, cyber deception technologies, DevSecOps etc.).

Thus far, my work has yielded dividends in my teaching and research outputs, as well as in my consulting/advisory work, and I have established a reputation for my ongoing contributions towards the cultivation of a unique, highly dynamic and effective culture of cross-disciplinary research and problem-solving. I remain focused on studying human factors in cybersecurity, and to this end, I apply a formidable array of skills, knowledge, and experience accumulated across my sprawling research terrain. At present, my research is primarily focused on information warfare.

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