Interview with Nicole Yeates and Nass Aoun

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Nicole Yeates and Nass Aoun

Nicole Yeates was born in Newcastle, Australia and grew up in New Zealand from the age of three, moving back to Australia at age 20.

As a teenager, her career goal was to be a Psychologist, but at the age of 16 a motorcycle accident would change her life forever. She went from a super fit, sporty, carefree teenager to a devastating prognosis of ‘expect death or life in a vegetative state’.

She died three times and lapsed into a natural coma, eventually waking up unable to walk, talk or control any of her bodily functions. Change can happen in an instant, without notice, warning or preparation. Change can also happen through planning and can be either wanted or unwanted.

Whatever the situation, we need to be equipped to deal with it. Holding On To Hope assists people to bust through barriers to overcome or manage adversity. Today, Nicole speaks to us as a best-selling author, Key Note Speaker, Rehabilitation Counsellor and Brain Health Educator.

Based in Brisbane, Nicole is passionate about assisting people to bust through barriers, to be their best.

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