Interview with Nicole O’Sullivan

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Nicole O'Sullivan

About Nicole:

With an extensive career in retail, management & leadership, my passion is and has always been developing and leading people to achieve their best both personally and professionally.

I have a heart for small travel businesses looking to grow their profit and dominate their niche they represent. My consulting work has already helped my clients to grow their sales by 67%, increase closing rate from 3% to 20% in less than 6 months and also jump from the bottom of the barrel to the #1 performing retail team in their country.

How did I achieve such quick growth with my clients?
My first approach is always to truly connect with the people who are the heartbeat within the organisation and get them curious with their motivators as to what drives their behaviour. This was the key for success working alongside various companies, and now I take the external view to implement this cultural shift. Some of my clients have already adapted my philosophy of saying: “When we invest into our people, the results organically grow”.

Adding to my passion for travel, I use my qualifications in DISC, Emotional Intelligence and Motivators by providing my clients with internationally recognised technology that produces different types of assessments that can accurately pin points individual behaviours and emotional traits. This helps to identify GAPS and allows me to make recommendations and suggest key strategies to help my clients to discover how to leverage someones potential within their business. This is all about transformation, and seeking to understand people on a deeper level and why they do what they do every day. I’ve been apart of teams where I feel all I am good for is the number I produce every month. When someone feels appreciated and understood you will be blown away by what they will do for you and your business, including the experience your customers receive from passionate, driven and motivated staff.

I look forward to helping your team unlock new levels of personal and professional success.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, via phone (+61 481 930 753) or email ( for seeing results and redefining growth. Here you can book an appointment directly into my calendar: 

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