Interview with Leo Colgar

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Leo Colgar

Leo Colgar is the founder of and the Principal Accountant in Bright Accounting and Taxation Services.

He has been working as a Public Accountant since 2004, as a Chartered Tax Adviser.

He is specialised in tax obligations of the small and micro businesses as well as business structures and also in individual taxation. Apart from his dealings with taxation matters, he loves to help community by educating them on basic tax matters to avoid simple mistakes that may cause great disturbance for the businesses as well as their lives.

Bright Accounting and Taxation Services has also a sister company Bright Plan Management Services that operates in disability industry as an NDIS Registered Provider, for plan management.

Leo is married with 2 children and loves watching football.

He is a keen Barcelona fan.

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