Interview with Keith Saggers

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Keith Saggers

Keith holds an extensive history alongside a wealth of knowledge he lives to pass on.He’s a multi-skilled communications specialist, secondary and tertiary educator (BA and Dip. Ed), life-performance facilitator.

Keith worked closely with a former Olympic, World and Commonwealth elite athlete on a successful gold medal comeback. He’s been involved in various physical culture, health, fitness and martial art disciplines and liaised with special operatives.

Creator and Facilitator of the ‘Core System’ Self-Mastery program. Founder of a senior high school youth-at-risk program ‘Spirit of YOUth’ for disadvantaged teenagers that encompassed various self-development, self-knowledge activities based on an original ‘See-Your-Self’ syllabus. Former proprietor of Inner City Systema – Russian Martial Art school.

Co-creator and co-producer of children’s animation TV series The Flamin’ Thongs – winner of the 2015 AACTA Award for Best Children’s TV series (ABC channel ME). Along with winning several international children’s TV awards.Keith returned to Sydney in 2020 from the USA after undertaking research and development focussed on ascendency of life-performance, best-self leadership, mental wellness and psychological well-being.

Now as a Life Performance Facilitator with The Butterfly Effect System, he helps others discover, develop and deploy their best-selves to the world!

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