Interview with Julian Day – Part Two

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Julian Day - Part Two

Julian Day Bio:

Julian (Jolly) Day is the founder of Consensus Awards which identify and award the best technology innovations in Australia and New Zealand.

This year the company celebrates 21 years, has more than 180 judges and has evaluated over 1,300 technologies since 1999.

Recognised as the most successful technology awards, 90% of all winners have gone on to be highly successful worldwide and include Atlassian and WiseTech Global.

The technology is evaluated as it’s going to market and the judges get it right year after year after year, identifying those technologies that will become world-wide winners!

Jolly graduated from Plymouth University in the UK with a Business Studies degree and entered the computer industry in 1978.

He has “done everything” in the computer industry from programming to sales, management to president of an industry association, served on many industry committees and advisory groups, and been involved in three high-tech start-ups.

His passion is “Excellence” in everything he does, not just through Consensus Awards, but his project management and many charitable causes he supports.

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